Teacher, Nutritionist & Family Nutrition Coach

Healthy food you and your kids will love


I’m a busy mum of three with three passions:

  • eating well, 
  • packing my family’s meals with nutrition,
  • and helping others to make healthy enjoyable family meals.

I also recommend an affordable range of nutritional products to fast track people back to wellness, achieving optimal body balance to feel good, stay fit and be healthy.  

Customers who talk about us

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Before meeting Elnette, my schedule was very sporadic and inconsistent. I would be so involved with working with my clients, I'd sometimes forget to eat. The irony is I love food! Elnette created a schedule to me, educated me on how to reset my metabolism, and change my intake to compliment my workout regiment. I've gone from 202 down to 188 lbs and now my body tells me when it needs nourishment! The fact that you told me to eat more put you you at the top of my friend list 😁 Helping me reach my goals keeps you there for a very long time! Thank you for all you did for me!!!

Anthony Upchurch

As the saying goes family comes first. But how do we prioritize our love for our family? Is it about material things or extravagant trips? Or maybe the most important of all health? I recommend Elnette Parsons because she both knows health and family! She advice me greatly when I told the story of my family member who has medical issues. She then recommended me with a Zinzino product that keeps my family's well-being a high priority. The product has no awful after taste and easily digested. And after a few weeks, there are no issues at all. I am a happy customer with my experience with Elnette Parsons.

Dwight Lumaque

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    You can also contact me via email at info@elnetteparsons.com alternatively, you can message me on facebook.